Meet Your Coach

Certified. Local. Fun.

Who is this guy?

Howdy! My name is Coach Feder and I can't wait to get to work with your athlete this summer. I am currently coaching at a Junior High down the street where I am the Defensive Coordinator, head wide receivers coach, and I have experience with pretty much every position on the football field.

First and foremost, I love coaching and I love Junior High Football. This isn't a job for me as much as an excuse to get out of the house and do what I love during the summer. I'm finishing up my 4th year at my current junior high and if there is one thing I've learned, its that Junior High athletes learn differently, which is why Coach Feder Football was born.

My Vision

I want to give young athletes who are new to football the oppurtunity to fall in love with the game before the chaos of fall. Junior high programs can be intimidating. Even little league footballers are a little nervous stepping on a field with 6-8 coaches and 100+ players.

Although my primary focus is to help newer players, I am well equiped with more advanced drills and techniques from my experience working with our Varsity Football program.

My goal is for you to show up next fall prepared and confident. The rest is up to you.

No Commitment, No minimum, No fees. Reach out for more info!

-I'm usually in a classroom or weightroom so email works best.

Phone: 281-406-0106